Source code for eyed3.utils.prompt

import sys as _sys
from .console import Fore as fg

"""Whenever a prompt occurs and this value is not ``None`` it can be ``exit``
to call sys.exit (see EXIT_STATUS) or ``raise`` to throw a RuntimeError,
which can be caught if desired."""


BOOL_TRUE_RESPONSES = ("yes", "y", "true")

[docs]class PromptExit(RuntimeError): """Raised when ``DISABLE_PROMPT`` is 'raise' and ``prompt`` is called.""" pass
[docs]def parseIntList(resp): ints = set() resp = resp.replace(',', ' ') for c in resp.split(): i = int(c) ints.add(i) return list(ints)
[docs]def prompt(msg, default=None, required=True, type_=str, validate=None, choices=None): """Prompt user for imput, the prequest is in ``msg``. If ``default`` is not ``None`` it will be displayed as the default and returned if not input is entered. The value ``None`` is only returned if ``required`` is ``False``. The response is passed to ``type_`` for conversion (default is unicode) before being returned. An optional list of valid responses can be provided in ``choices``.""" yes_no_prompt = default is True or default is False if yes_no_prompt: default_str = "Yn" if default is True else "yN" else: default_str = str(default) if default else None if default is not None: msg = "%s [%s]" % (msg, default_str) msg += ": " if not yes_no_prompt else "? " if DISABLE_PROMPT: if DISABLE_PROMPT == "exit": print(msg + "\nPrompting is disabled, exiting.") _sys.exit(EXIT_STATUS) else: raise PromptExit(msg) resp = None while resp is None: try: resp = input(msg) except EOFError: # Converting this allows main functions to catch without # catching other eofs raise PromptExit() if not resp and default not in (None, ""): resp = str(default) if resp: if yes_no_prompt: resp = True if resp.lower() in BOOL_TRUE_RESPONSES else False else: resp = resp.strip() try: resp = type_(resp) except Exception as ex: print( resp = None elif not required: return None else: resp = None if ((choices and resp not in choices) or (validate and not validate(resp))): if choices: print("Invalid response, choose from: ") + str(choices)) else: print("Invalid response")) resp = None return resp