Source code for eyed3.plugins.yamltag

import eyed3.plugins
from eyed3 import log
from eyed3.plugins.jsontag import audioFileToJson

_have_yaml = False
    import ruamel.yaml as yaml
    _have_yaml = True
except ImportError:
        import yaml
        _have_yaml = True
    except ImportError:"yaml plugin: Install `ruamel.yaml` or `pyyaml` for YAML support.")

if _have_yaml:

[docs] class YamlTagPlugin(eyed3.plugins.LoaderPlugin): NAMES = ["yaml"] SUMMARY = "Outputs all tags as YAML." def __init__(self, arg_parser): super().__init__(arg_parser, cache_files=True, track_images=False)
[docs] def handleFile(self, f, *args, **kwargs): super().handleFile(f) if self.audio_file and and self.audio_file.tag: print(yaml.safe_dump(audioFileToJson(self.audio_file), indent=2, default_flow_style=False, explicit_start=True))