Source code for eyed3.main

import os
import sys
import textwrap
import warnings
import deprecation

from io import StringIO
from configparser import ConfigParser
from configparser import Error as ConfigParserError

import eyed3
import eyed3.utils
import eyed3.utils.console
import eyed3.plugins
import eyed3.__about__

from eyed3.utils.log import initLogging

DEFAULT_PLUGIN = "classic"
DEFAULT_CONFIG = os.path.expandvars("${HOME}/.config/eyeD3/config.ini")
USER_PLUGINS_DIR = os.path.expandvars("${HOME}/.config/eyeD3/plugins")
DEFAULT_CONFIG_DEPRECATED = os.path.expandvars("${HOME}/.eyeD3/config.ini")
USER_PLUGINS_DIR_DEPRECATED = os.path.expandvars("${HOME}/.eyeD3/plugins")

[docs]def main(args, config): if "list_plugins" in args and args.list_plugins: _listPlugins(config) return 0 args.plugin.start(args, config) recursive = False if "non_recursive" in args: recursive = not args.non_recursive elif "recursive" in args: recursive = args.recursive # Process paths (files/directories) for p in args.paths: eyed3.utils.walk(args.plugin, p, excludes=args.excludes, fs_encoding=args.fs_encoding, recursive=recursive) retval = args.plugin.handleDone() return retval or 0
def _listPlugins(config): from eyed3.utils.console import Fore, Style def header(name): is_default = name == DEFAULT_PLUGIN return (Style.BRIGHT + (Fore.GREEN if is_default else '') + "* " + name + Style.RESET_ALL) all_plugins = eyed3.plugins.load(reload=True, paths=_getPluginPath(config)) # Create a new dict for sorted display plugin_names = [] for plugin in set(all_plugins.values()): plugin_names.append(plugin.NAMES[0]) print("\nType 'eyeD3 --plugin=<name> --help' for more help\n") plugin_names.sort() for name in plugin_names: plugin = all_plugins[name] alt_names = plugin.NAMES[1:] alt_names = f" ({', '.join(alt_names)})" if alt_names else "" print(f"{header(name)} {alt_names}:") for txt in textwrap.wrap(plugin.SUMMARY, initial_indent=' ' * 2, subsequent_indent=' ' * 2): print(f"{Fore.YELLOW}{txt}{Style.RESET_ALL}") print("") @deprecation.deprecated(deprecated_in="0.9a2", removed_in="1.0", current_version=eyed3.__about__.__version__, details=f"Default eyeD3 config moved to {DEFAULT_CONFIG}") def _deprecatedConfigFileCheck(_): """This here to add deprecation.""" def _loadConfig(args): config_files = [] if args.config: config_files.append(os.path.abspath(args.config)) if args.no_config is False: config_files.append(DEFAULT_CONFIG) config_files.append(DEFAULT_CONFIG_DEPRECATED) if not config_files: return None for config_file in config_files: if os.path.isfile(config_file): _deprecatedConfigFileCheck(config_file) try: config = ConfigParser() except ConfigParserError as ex: eyed3.log.warning(f"User config error: {ex}") return None else: return config elif config_file != DEFAULT_CONFIG and config_file != DEFAULT_CONFIG_DEPRECATED: raise IOError(f"User config not found: {config_file}") def _getPluginPath(config): plugin_path = [USER_PLUGINS_DIR] if config and config.has_option("default", "plugin_path"): val = config.get("default", "plugin_path") plugin_path += [os.path.expanduser(os.path.expandvars(d)) for d in val.split(':') if val] return plugin_path
[docs]def profileMain(args, config): # pragma: no cover """This is the main function for profiling """ import cProfile import pstats eyed3.log.debug("driver profileMain") prof = cProfile.Profile() prof = prof.runctx("main(args)", globals(), locals()) stream = StringIO() stats = pstats.Stats(prof, stream=stream) stats.sort_stats("time") # Or cumulative stats.print_stats(100) # 80 = how many to print # The rest is optional. stats.print_callees() stats.print_callers() sys.stderr.write("Profile data:\n%s\n" % stream.getvalue()) return 0
[docs]def setFileScannerOpts(arg_parser, default_recursive=False, paths_metavar="PATH", paths_help="Files or directory paths"): if default_recursive is False: arg_parser.add_argument("-r", "--recursive", action="store_true", dest="recursive", help="Recurse into subdirectories.") else: arg_parser.add_argument("-R", "--non-recursive", action="store_true", dest="non_recursive", help="Do not recurse into subdirectories.") arg_parser.add_argument("--exclude", action="append", metavar="PATTERN", dest="excludes", help="A regular expression for path exclusion. May be specified " "multiple times.") arg_parser.add_argument("--fs-encoding", action="store", dest="fs_encoding", default=eyed3.LOCAL_FS_ENCODING, metavar="ENCODING", help="Use the specified file system encoding for filenames. " f"Default as it was detected is '{eyed3.LOCAL_FS_ENCODING}' but " "this option is still useful when reading from mounted file " "systems.") arg_parser.add_argument("paths", metavar=paths_metavar, nargs="*", help=paths_help)
[docs]def makeCmdLineParser(subparser=None): from eyed3.utils import ArgumentParser p = (ArgumentParser(prog=eyed3.__about__.__project_name__, add_help=True) if not subparser else subparser) setFileScannerOpts(p) p.add_argument("-L", "--plugins", action="store_true", default=False, dest="list_plugins", help="List all available plugins") p.add_argument("-P", "--plugin", action="store", dest="plugin", default=None, metavar="NAME", help=f"Specify which plugin to use. The default is '{DEFAULT_PLUGIN}'") p.add_argument("-C", "--config", action="store", dest="config", default=None, metavar="FILE", help="Supply a configuration file. The default is " f"'{DEFAULT_CONFIG}', although even that is optional.") p.add_argument("--backup", action="store_true", dest="backup", help="Plugins should honor this option such that " "a backup is made of any file modified. The backup " "is made in same directory with a '.orig' " "extension added.") p.add_argument("-Q", "--quiet", action="store_true", dest="quiet", default=False, help="A hint to plugins to output less.") p.add_argument("--no-color", action="store_true", dest="no_color", help="Suppress color codes in console output. " "This will happen automatically if the output is " "not a TTY (e.g. when redirecting to a file)") p.add_argument("--no-config", action="store_true", dest="no_config", help=f"Do not load the default user config '{DEFAULT_CONFIG}'. " "The -c/--config options are still honored if present.") return p
[docs]def parseCommandLine(cmd_line_args=None): cmd_line_args = list(cmd_line_args) if cmd_line_args else list(sys.argv[1:]) # Remove any options not related to plugin/config for first parse. These # determine the parser for the next stage. stage_one_args = [] idx, auto_append = 0, False while idx < len(cmd_line_args): opt = cmd_line_args[idx] if auto_append: stage_one_args.append(opt) auto_append = False if opt in ("-C", "--config", "-P", "--plugin", "--no-config"): stage_one_args.append(opt) if opt != "--no-config": auto_append = True elif (opt.startswith("-C=") or opt.startswith("--config=") or opt.startswith("-P=") or opt.startswith("--plugin=")): stage_one_args.append(opt) idx += 1 parser = makeCmdLineParser() args = parser.parse_args(stage_one_args) config = _loadConfig(args) if args.plugin: # Plugin on the command line takes precedence over config. plugin_name = args.plugin elif config and config.has_option("default", "plugin"): # Get default plugin from config or use DEFAULT_CONFIG plugin_name = config.get("default", "plugin") if not plugin_name: plugin_name = DEFAULT_PLUGIN else: plugin_name = DEFAULT_PLUGIN assert plugin_name PluginClass = eyed3.plugins.load(plugin_name, paths=_getPluginPath(config)) if PluginClass is None: eyed3.utils.console.printError("Plugin not found: %s" % plugin_name) parser.exit(1) plugin = PluginClass(parser) if config and config.has_option("default", "options"): cmd_line_args.extend(config.get("default", "options").split()) if config and config.has_option(plugin_name, "options"): cmd_line_args.extend(config.get(plugin_name, "options").split()) # Re-parse the command line including options from the config. args = parser.parse_args(args=cmd_line_args) args.plugin = plugin eyed3.log.debug("command line args: %s", args) eyed3.log.debug("plugin is: %s", plugin) return args, parser, config
def _main(): """Entry point""" initLogging() try: args, _, config = parseCommandLine() eyed3.utils.console.AnsiCodes.init(not args.no_color) mainFunc = main if args.debug_profile is False else profileMain retval = mainFunc(args, config) except KeyboardInterrupt: retval = 0 except (StopIteration, IOError) as ex: eyed3.utils.console.printError(str(ex)) retval = 1 except Exception as ex: eyed3.utils.console.printError(f"Uncaught exception: {ex}\n") eyed3.log.exception(ex) retval = 1 if args.debug_pdb: try: with warnings.catch_warnings(): warnings.simplefilter("ignore", PendingDeprecationWarning) # Must delay the import of ipdb as say as possible because # of import ipdb as pdb # noqa except ImportError: import pdb # noqa e, m, tb = sys.exc_info() pdb.post_mortem(tb) sys.exit(retval) if __name__ == "__main__": # pragma: no cover _main()